Monday, February 14, 2011

Column Post (101 Reasons #'s 1-6)... this column is just me bitching...c'est la vie!

Reasons Cancer Sucks...(in no particular order)....

1.) Cancer makes you too tired to walk the dog.
2.) Cancer makes places you didn't know could hurt, hurt!
3.) Cancer makes your house dirty (not really, but it can make you too tired to clean!).
4.) Cancer makes you lonely (usually when you tell people you have terminal cancer they freak), your friends don't want to come one to talk to...Lonely!
5.) Cancer makes you too tired to do the things you want to (like visit the charity shops or take a picnic in the park).

last one for today...

6.) Cancer only gives you a limited amount of energy per day (woohoo 2 whole hours! *insert sarcasm here*)...

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