Monday, June 6, 2011


Why do we do the things we do to one another?

When will we realize that everyone's faith/beliefs are as valid as our own?

Why can't people leave others alone to love who they choose?

When will people let God speak for His/Her-self?

Why do people find it necessary to knock on my door and try to preach at me?

How hard can it really be to stop spending money on crap we don't need and spend it on the things we do?

Why can't the governor live in a trailer?

Why do children/teens NEED multiple activities that keep them/their parents out until 9:00 p.m. EVERY night of the week?

How hard is it to cook dinner for your family every night?

Do you really NEED a 7 passenger SUV?

Why should people who don't have kids have to pay school taxes?

***These are the things I ponder when left alone and over medicated on cold/allergy pills :c) 

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