Sunday, March 24, 2013


According to Urban Dictionary, a Jewitch is: "One who practices a combination of Judaism and Wicca."

I have been doing an enormous amount of reading about Judaism lately.  The culture is absolutely fascinating!  And...anyone who has known me more than 10 min. knows I'm a Wiccan.

In my mind here's how the two combine:  Replace "God" with Gods/Goddess as necessary!  Seriously!  There are a few things about Judaism I am still trying to wrap my head around.  I am not running-off to the nearest synagogue to convert!

The thing about Judaism's more of a culture, a way of life...less a religion!  You can be Jewish and be almost anything else...

From the Jewish Women's Archive: "Jewitchery, whose members identify as “Jewitches” or “Judeo-Pagans” or “JAPs” (Jewish American Pagans… ha!) are Jewish women who practice witchcraft, Wicca, or other “goddess-directed worship.” Examples of Jewitch practice include the incorporation of magic into Jewish rituals, welcoming the shekhinah (the divine feminine), and lighting yahrzeit candles to honor the dead. offers Jewitches—or “witchy Jews” as some prefer to be called—a space to explore Judeo-Pagan ideas such as the Shabbat Bride or Queen as an actual goddess and a Jewitch’s perspective of deity."

Being Jewish (at least from my understanding) is akin to being are always going to be Polish, there are traditional Polish things you will always believe & do...but being Polish doesn't have to dictate what you believe...make sense?

At this point I don't feel I am explaining this very's just something I've been reading about and I am curious if any of you have an opinion...please leave comments and share links...

Peace & love dear readers :c)

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