Friday, April 26, 2013

Good Morning

Good morning my lovely followers!

As you may have noticed the blog & Facebook pages have undergone a lot of changes lately.  I am constantly adding new content, feeds, "columns", etc...

I am also, painfully I might add, aware of the severe lack of "personal" information on the blog.  It seems to have become a bit clinical/sterile.  This is totally my fault!  I have Asperger's Syndrome and I'm not a big sharer!  I want to talk to you all and make the blog more's just not always easy to find the words...

That said...I am going to try to make more of an effort.  You will always find all of the other junk you have come to know & love here...but I will be trying to add a bit more personality :c)

BTW: How amazing is the new look???  Kim at Life in a House of Testosterone is amazing!!!

Have a groovy day & love you all :c)

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