Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Have you ever met a Kobold?

Unless one is German, then the “Kobold” is not exactly a household term when it comes to the paranormal. Like a poltergeist, the kobold is a mischievous little spirit, playing tricks on humans and doing things to unsettle whoever is occupying its space. Kobolds can be malevolent or benevolent, depending on circumstances. Very chameleon like, the kobold may materialize in various forms, whether it be an animal or an element, such as fire. The weird case of Gef the talking mongoose personified the kobold. The story began in 1931, near Dalby, in the Isle of Man. In September of that year, the Irving family began to hear what sounded like and animal scratching behind the walls in their farmhouse. Eventually, it began to make animal sounds and making baby sounds as well. Soon, the entity introduced itself as Gef, a mongoose. Gef over time claimed to be an earthbound spirit in the form of a mongoose, which apparently was verified by the 13 year old daughter of James Irving, Voirrey, who was the only one to see Gef. She described Gef as a yellow rat like creature, with a bushy tail. Gef was friendly towards the Irvings, but was not above being naughty with visitors. Gef would throw things at people and spy on the Irving’s neighbors. To this day, the story of Gef has not been solved and is largely forgotten about.

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