Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dog Food...

What do you feed your dog?

I have found the most amazing dog food in the world!  We have "sickly" dogs...throw-aways and rescues...animals that others would have put-down that we patiently have nursed to health...

We have tried other "wholistic" foods, even know "Take the Blue Challenge"...Blue won't even compare itself to Solid Gold!  This is the best dog food on the planet!  We feed the "Hund-n-Flocken (lamb)" to all 4 of our dogs (even our 13 week old puppies) and everyone is healthy and shiny!  Their breath is good, their poo is nice and tight w/o being dry & hard!

This is wonderful food!!!  If you are looking for a healthy alternative to traditional dog food...try Solid Gold!!!

**I have not received anything from Solid Gold for this endorsement!  I simply wanted to share a wonderful product with you all!**

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